Another real life S.P.E.A.R. story

Hello all Blauer aspirants,coachs,instruct-
ors new and old. My name Calen and I've been
a follower of coach Blauer since 1992. I dec-
ided to certify in 97 and most recently with
the PDR program in march 2000. Tonys material
has been steady diet in my training centre for the last three and a years.
I'm posting this to share a successful
S.P.E.A.R. story about one of my students father. My student has been training with me
doing private/group instruction for 4 months.
His father is in his 50's,over weight [he said I could say old and fat] and does not
train other than really loving the material and observing the classes.
One day he went to pick up his son at a
fitness facility. Upon parking his car and getting out he is approached by an enraged
very muscle bound,with no neck jerk who claimed he had scratched his CRX car. Unable to verbally defuse the situation, the jerk
swung the classic haymaker to which my stud-
ents father moved in, jammed his shot with a
quasi half SPEAR and attempted a web hand
neck/throat strike.The jerk flinched his head
away but still caught a thumb in the neck and
hit the the ground stunned. The father stomp-
ed him once and the jerk did not get up for more.Bad guys 0,good guys 1. He said he was always taught to move back but knows that mov
ing in and jamming is what saved his hide.
Pretty dam good SPEAR protection with only
watching classes no instruction. COACH BLAUER
IT is my personal commitment to stay training with you a VERY,VERY LONG TIME.

Friggin' awesome man!
When did you get online? Drop me your email address

Strength and Honor,


That's the awesome thing about the SPEAR...its gentically inspired and behaviorally wired, so once you learn to appreciate it it actually can start to work for you.

Of course explaining the process is crucil, so nice work Calen. Send me the 'father's' address, he just earned himself a video and t-shirt!!!


Hey Coach! Welcome back!Calen, a nice story indeed. You know, of course, that here you're preaching to the choir; perhaps the father of your student might put his experience in letter form to a larger forum, like Black Belt or Inside Kung Fu, etc.But it should be made clear that his "instant success" does not negate Tony's maxim to train and train hard! Let's not have Coach confused with the type of teacher who promises instant invincibility without work.RealStudent,Who is also over 50,And prefers not to think of himself as overweight but undertall...

Good points RS!


Calen...Great to hear it!! nice work.

Oh yeah...welcome to the computer age.



Great story. Thanks for posting. The S.P.E.A.R. is the future of self defense...period.



Awesome!!!!!!! and a fantastic job on your part. The
father obviously respects what you have done with his
son and has learned something in the process!


Take care!