Another shoulder injury!

Hello, I just got an mri and it showed a posterior anterior labrum tear and a para labral cyst. I had a surgery on the same shoulder 18 months ago for a acromium debridement and a small labrum tear that was trimmed. My doctor wants to opperate again because i still have pain and put some sutures in my shoulder and tack down the labrum and maybe remove the cyst. Has anyone had this kind of surgery? How brutal is the recovery? I am 29 years old, should i just forget about training mma all together? Any Advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

i get no love!! :(

Hey....i feel for you, my shoulder is held together by nothing but good intentions.

If i could even afford another surgery, i'd have it tomorow.

thanks mike. How many surgerys have you had?

i've had 1 held up for about 2 years, need another one now...i can't even grapple for practice, let alone trying to fight.

i am trying to think of ways i can get my surgery...maybe waitn till the first frost of the year and do a slip and fall outside of a convenience store :)