Another SMART Observation of how "THEY" OWN you!

^It can work. Just like how Alcohol is legal there are some Alcoholics but MOST who drink are NOT alcoholics, the same with UBI…there will be some which are not industrious but MOST will use it to SMARTLY pursue their DREAMS!

example. I have a Native American Indian friend(NOT me) which his tribe is one of the FEW which enjoys UBI. He is very industrious and owns business, home, and uses it to fund the American Dream!

I believe in Reparations Equality…Reparations for EVERYONE…ALL REPARATIONS MATTER… and then it’s up to each peasant how they use it.

…it’s going to happen anyway, even if the Neatnderthals FEAR the change as they always do…we are moving to a AI Economy and so it’s not a matter of “IF” it’s going to happen but WHEN and just like how we are probably living better than those before us so too will future generations be enjoying a better life, so the sooner we can influence the change to happen the sooner the peasants will be living THE GOOD LIFE

Well, when AI does take over the labor industry, then we can talk about UBI. But it’s not good to have at the moment.

Besides I think the elites are planning on killing the rest of us while they use AI to do all the labor. But that’s my theory.

^oh it’s already happening, I read almost weekly some irritating article about some Doogie Howser Jr-High chap becoming a Millionaire because of his TechWizardry App creation!

so we need to take care of the peasantry during this transition phase into the AI economy

LOL I don’t know if that’s part of the Elite’s plan. WIth the peasants out of the workforce, how will they take care of themselves? Tax the rich more? LMAO. They will probably use AI to farm, cook, and repair machines. The Elites will see us as being redundant and a “threat” to the environment. Gee, I wonder what their solution will be???

^Tax the Rich MORE? They don’t even tax them now LOL. Just do a quick Websearch about Big Corporations NOT paying Taxes