Another TAT Artist question

Thus far I have always gone into shops with my own artwork, already the size, shape color etc that I wanted, and it was just a matter of could the artist do it, he puts it on that paper that outlines it on your skin, and off he goees,so far 100% success.

My question is I have this idea in nmy head of what I want to get done. It is actually several pieces I want to add to what I alreay have and then tie it all together as one significantly large and detailed piece of work vs 9 or 10 individual pieces of work. The problem is I'm not a good enough artist to draw it all together.

Can most artists take my individule pictures and help me blend them into one big piece of work?

Another way to put is I want basicaly a mural on my Back (and over my shoulder, part way down my arm and chest) I have all the major pieces, it's just a matter of putting them together. Can most help with that?

maybe you should ask the artist you want to do your work?

thats a start!

It is too easy.

Thanks for the feed back