Another thought on Leben's actions

Ok, I understand that these guys are fighters and supposed to be macho and all that. However, I can't help be think, could Leben actually be arrested for pissing on that dude's bed? I mean, if he was not on a show and just lived with a roommate or something and did this and was caught, couldn't he be charged with some type of vandalism or possibly even battery (though indirectly). I mean, you see these caught on tape shows where people are caught and charged for pissing or spitting in people's food and drinks. How is this different. I just find his actions will do nothing but give the stereotype of what many people already think about mma fighters.

Could someone with a legal mind post further thoughts.

He seemed like a dick!

Lebon will get his asx handed to him rather quickly. Trust me!

not cool to piss on someone bed

I've got a little bit of legal training...Trust cause for legal action there and even if there was nobody's gonna prosecute the case.

I thought it was pretty classless and really spoke to
the level of person Leben is. What sort of sick
pleasure did Leben get out of doing that? There should
be simple respect when dealing with anyone. Whoever
doesn't feel they need to respect another human being
definitely has issues and shouldn't be celebrated in
the least. They should be viewed as what they are and
that is a piece of sh*t.