Another UFC card everyone sh1ts on

Turns out to be very entertaining...Fitch/Roan was great, Black/Tavares was very good and introduced an extremely impressive new LW to the mix, and of course we saw two brutal KOs.

very good card thus far

screw UFC 72, this has been awesome. Great to see the new talent.

PPV worthy.

Hungry rising stars.

this has been great. alot of new, young, exciting fighters.



and the best is yet to come

Haven't been this entertained in a while, i hope all the fighters get big bonuses.

agreed, awesome card so far.

Fantastic show. No doubt about it, definately PPV worthy.

This is what makes MMA special. forget the names of fighters, just match two guys up pretty well, and voila - entertainment.

Two brutal KOs, two excellent ground wars, and a three round stand up battle that is much less sloppy than the usual MMA slugfest...definitely a good show for new viewers being brought in by all the exposure lately (hopefully 72 won't suck and make them think they wasted $50).

We can only hope this got a lot of viewers because this is seriously one of the best cards i've ever sene. Every single fight was awesome, and that main event was a fitting ending.

Fun night of fights, no doubt. Im still not buying UFC 72 though. lol.

Pretty much the best UFN you could ask for to show to a potential new fan.

Two big KO's, two great ground fights and a Fisher/Stout technical striking war.

Had a bit of everything.

I thought that this event had potential, but man, who knew it would be quite possibly the best UFN ever?

i was very impressed... nice job joe silva

Thiago Tavares' performance was incredible. He dominated in his last fight but was so much more relaxed and confident this time around. Tremendously impressive.