Another Victory overturned

I just read on Sherdog that Anthony Lapsley had his win overturned by the NSAC due to marijuana.  Can someone please explain the logic behind the NSAC.  They rarely, if ever, overturn victories for fighters who fail the drug test for steroids.  How does Marijuana effect a fight more than roids.  Someone please explain for me.

It doesnt, but apparently they are saying a drug is a drug doesnt matter if its roids or weed

The test is for a high amount. If you smoke pot, and there are trace amounts, they don't care. Their worry is that the painkilling effects of pot will improve your performance, so basically you can't fight high.

But doesn't the use of illegal steroids effect your performance.  I would say it does moreso than weed.  Steroids are called performance enhancing drugs for a reason and noone before the NSAC was calling weed a performance enhancer. 

Im not saying don't punish those who fail drug tests for weed but overturn all victories than.

Anyway thanks for the reponse Kirik.  Anytime the man stops by one of your threads it makes me feel important.