Another waitress, another discrimination hoax

Remember that former Marine turned waitress who claimed a family stiffed her on a tip and left a note saying it was because she was a lesbian? The family produced a receipt and a credit card bill showing they left an $18 tip.

Dumbass server, dumbass media outlets who cover all these fake stories, dumbass people who donate to scam artists. This world is fucked.

Typical, would you expect any less? Phone Post 3.0

Awesome, it was particularly entertaining to watch all the OG rainbow warriors flock to enact a "teachable moment".

The hoax is worse than the allegation, what a pitiful person. Phone Post 3.0

No repercussions for either of the two fucking cunts that pulled this shit. It will never end as long as people can throw someone under the bus and get fucking morons to donate to them. Phone Post 3.0

I got called an asshole for saying this was gonna turn out to be a hoax and it was their right anyway to not tip. Phone Post 3.0

She needs to be held accountable if true. Phone Post 3.0

The customers claimed that they suspect this probably happened because they were told their server was going to be dan, and when she was called dan she flipped and reported it to management.

So this dayna chick dresses like a man, and gets pissed because shes is addressed as a man? BITCHES BE CRAZY MAN!

I called it. Fucking fat dyke whore. Just as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. Phone Post

The only thing people love more than a victim is a good fraudulent victim.

Anyone remember Morton Downey Jr?

For you young pups, he was a talk show host in the 80s that claimed skinheads beat him up and drew a swastika on his face.

He clearly did it himself in a mirror, as the swastika was reversed.

The restaurant should refund that family all of their money back and that server should spend a few nights in jail. A men's jail. Phone Post 3.0

Combat Sport Fan - her face when called out on it is priceless...She wont donate a thing. this was a scam.

She got offended being called a mans name flipped out and pulled bullshit.

Most likely reprinted the check too so she could write that out.

I wouldnt put it past a server who didnt like their guests. People suck when at restaurants.

The owner says "how do you know this isnt fake" because THEY HAVE THE CREDIT STATEMENT. Worst part is the Restaurant took that money and Dana took her 18 dollar tip.

Waiters who complain about their tips are assholes, im a huge believer in tipping but ratting people on the internet because they are mean to you? participation trophy culture.
LOL. I love hypocrisy. If someone wants to be a dick, then they should accept the fact that someone is also free to reveal that they are dick. It seems pretty simple to me. Phone Post 3.0

Service industry are scumbags trying to guilt people into donations for doing their damn job. STFU about your stupidass tips you whitebread entitled losers. Phone Post 3.0

Leigh - What's hateful about saying you don't agree with a lifestyle? "You fat fuckin' dyke!" would be hateful. Phone Post 3.0
Yes, the rabid liberal types wouldn't have the contempt in their heart to bash religious types if they didn't use these volatile trigger words if they simply accepted this fact. They have to label any differing opinion albeit as reserved and polite it may be in it's foundation, as pure evil hatred. In turn they become what the claim to be so staunchly against. It's quite a spectacle to watch them all parrot it constantly. Phone Post 3.0

I knew this shit was fake as soon as I heard about it. Phone Post 3.0

so now you should take a picture of a receipt before turning it over to a waiter/waitress...

It had hoax written all over it.

And we shouldnt really be surprised.

Doing it gets you free money from naive retards and garners sympathy for whatever cause!


Why doesn't anonymous dish out the justice to this chick. She likes using the internet to ridicule innocent families the internet should publicly smear her for all time. Phone Post 3.0

I hope she gets fired