Another way I use WW

As a former competitive powerlifter and someone who has done a significant amount of striking arts and competition, I have more than my fair share of joint aches and pains. A surgically re-attached bicep 15 years ago also causes its fair share of difficulties. I ordered WW about 1 month ago and have been doing it religiously every morning. It seemed to begin loosening and strengthening my joints and helping me recover full range of motion. However, a few hours after hard classes of submission wrestling/BJJ and my joints really seemed to seize up, even if I stretched after class. So, I started doing the WW beginning routine after my wrestling classes and sure enough, a significant amount of my soreness and joint stiffness does not set in. Another sincere thank-you to Scott and his team for sharing this wealth of information. It is helping this soon to be 46 year old man to keep striving.


John, great report!