Another WEF vet going to UFC!

Congrats to Alan Belcher WEF 3 time vet now on his way into the UFC 185 lbs class.

good luck Allan!!!


Good luck to Alan Belcher!

When is the next WEF?

Team Voodoo!

Alan is one of the most talented kids you will ever see in there, and he is only like 22.

Alan Belcher vs Crafton Walace was on the next WEF card and now both guys are fighting in the UFC.

I think it goes to show you that the WEF is producing grat fighters for the Big shows like Pride and UFC.

I think the numer is up around 45 WEF vets now in the UFC and Pride.

Good luck guys.


I know most people are probably bummed out about Terrell being out but believe me Belcher will put on a show for the fans. Keep an eye out for him as he will be climbing the ranks quickly.

ttt for alan belcher

I think more UFC vets have fought in the WEF. :)

It was destined to happen as long as Alan stayed injury free. He takes his training very serious and is a cardio machine. Very proud of you bro.

Mucho grats to Alan. Barnone, you have vid or pics of my last fight?

I dont cause some dumb ass recorded over it, I will ask Willy cause one of his friends recorded it. Hope all is well bro.


Clay, keep up the positive comments.

TTT for Alan, good luck man, I have heard a lot of good things.

Jamie...when is your next show coming to Fl? And where is it going to be? FYI I googled WEF, and a guy by the name of Joe Krantz appears to run WEF out of canada and claims to be the founder/promoter? WTF? You may be aware of this claim....then again you may not. If not, you may want to look into this.

Are you back in Fl or still up in PA?

congrats to Alan - great young fighter.  lm

paycut to 1k and 1k ?

will, that guy in canada doesnt efect me in anyway shape or form.

everyone knows that I founded the WEF in 1997 and started doing events in 1998 and havent stoped since.

Oddessa, i think they tripple the purse that I pay the WEF fighters its kinda the standered that the UFC does.

not to bad for the WEF guys, hell if they can make more money fighting somewhere else, who am I to stop them.

I encorage them to get more money in another promotion and even to play purse aginst purse to get more money from another promoter.

I have a budget and I have to sick to it and not go over one cent, so the WEF caps on the purse fr each fight but the UFC has mad $$$ so they can afford to out pay me any time they want.


Good luck to Alan. Talented guy.

I'm all for guys advancing and making a solid living.  Hope it works out for him and  opnes doors for other WEF guys. So long as they all remember where they came from.

TTT for Alan and Crafton making it to the UFC. Both are entertaining fighters. They deserve it.