Another White Supremacist

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Another dumb black idiot-

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BLM is the new KKK.


If it wasn’t for ignorant people or groups(BLM) we’d have hardly anything to talk about.

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These despicable acts by white supremacist are everywhere.

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This isn’t surprising to me at all. Like I have said countless times on here, I grew up in North Philadelphia which is one of the worst areas in America. It was very common for people to talk to the Asians like that in their stores and restaurants.


Disgusting display of racism. Dude should’ve karate’d his ass…


Sometimes police brutality is warranted imo.


So in the USA you can hurl racist abuse at a cop and not be arrested?

technically, i think so

it falls under our “free speech” laws, which we Americans hold dear

so, yes, if it is just words, including racist shit, you will not be arrested for that

now, some jurisdictions, the cop might “find” that person in violation on something else they could nail you on…but otherwise, simple words are not arrest-able

the other guy who mentioned how some (not all or even the majority) people in the hood are disrespectful to Asians in their stores, is spot on

You do realise that almost every country in the world has free speech? In in fact speech law situation in the USA is more risky than most places as you run the possibility of been sued…

But free speech and calling a Police officer racist words is not the same thing. As that is verbal abuse.

Those cops are soft, but probably worried about getting hit with a hate crime charge for thumping that big dumb racist in the head with a billy club.

He was plenty aggressive and in their space multiple times and they should have resorted to violence.

free speech also includes “verbal abuse”
they are not mutually exclusive

again, i mean strictly words and not getting physical with the other person, then that is a diff story

Sad situation on many levels.

And the whole blacks being racist against Asians over there also blows my mind.

Disorderly conduct.

Lol@black ppl cannot be racist. He really believeit

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