Another win 3.1 thread

I've upgraded it to dos already,but I have a question about software and all that other fun stuff.

I heard that there is a music maker studio for Win 3.1,but I can't find it.
Does anybody know about it?
Ever heard of it?
Anybody knows what it does?

Also,how reliable are the game creator tools you can download?
I've found a bunch of websites on RPG makers and things of that nature,but I figured atleast one of my Gamerground brothers know about it so I'd ask here first.

download fucking rules

The gaem creator programs aren't that great. they're not as easy as they proclaim to be, so just learn vbasic or something

simtower rules!!

Abandonware gmaes rule.

Hell,all of this old stuff rules.
I'm having more fun with the old games then the games out today.

A lot of the old games were plain better games... new stuff concentrates too much on looks and technology and multiplayer. Eff all that, I say.

Why 3.1?

How about 3.11 WFW? or Win 95-b?