Another Xanax episode

So last night around 6 at night, I snorted a full yellow bar(stronger than normal Xanax) and Jesus Christ I fucked up. After snorting it, I took like 4 shots of patron and blacked out again. My buddies told me that I was being a complete idiot and told me what happened in chronological order.
Fresh off my shots, I thought it'd be a good idea to pick up some tacos before l headed to this frat party at UC Irvine. The minute I made it to the taco truck, I slip and hit the side of the truck with my chin. My friends were tripping out because that shit would knock anybody else out haha.
Anyways, we make to the party about an hour later and immediately someone is trying to start crap with my friend Joe because of them being in rival frats. So, like any good samaritan on bars, I thought it'd be a good idea to spike his drink. Only problem, it was his girl's drink. My friends said I dropped a half a bar of regular Xanax and that chick ended up passing out 15 minutes later with her boyfriend(douche trying to start fight) trying to wake her up or resuscitate her.
After that, I was told I disappeared and here I am writing to you guys about my trip on Xanax sleeping next to this meh looking chick in the dorms. I think it's safe to say I'm officially done with this pill and I hope no one takes it as me bragging about it. Phone Post 3.0

Why would you put Xanax in another person's drink? That's not spiking it. That shit could kill them. You're an asshole OP. Phone Post 3.0

You sound like a psychopath OP. Phone Post 3.0

Fuckin pilldozer. Phone Post 3.0

Couple weeks ago I had the yellow bars, if I took 2 I would literally just wake up the next day. Not even remembering how or when I passed out. If I took just one it was like a nonstop battle to stay awake, no fun or buzz at all. Had the DR switch me to diazepam hoping it would not knock me out like the other stuff did. When I take one it helps a little with anxiety, not a ton though. So last night chilling on my couch, had a couple of drinks and popped 2 to see if it made me feel any better. I woke up in bed fully clothed this morning.

Same here, I have no idea how anyone could abuse the drug. It's either an instant blackout or you pass out wherever you stand. Phone Post 3.0

Want to hurt yourself and act like an idiot. Whatever. But doing stupid shit and trying to hurt others is beyond stupid and cunty. Grats. Phone Post 3.0

Agreed though, spiking someone's drink with benzos is stupid. Could end up killing someone. Or getting you thrown in jail. Phone Post 3.0

You sound like a douche OP. I'm sure your friends are thinking the same this morning. Phone Post 3.0

Yellow ones are 4mg right? I was prescribed 1mg for anxiety and that shit helped. No way would I think it's a good idea to drink and take pills tho Phone Post 3.0

This is what college is now? Spiking peoples drinks and furiously texting people in the same room as you? Phone Post 3.0

Welp, I was under drugs and I regret nothing. Suck my balls Phone Post 3.0

You seem like a class A piece of shit. Phone Post 3.0

You are a dumb ass and should be locked up for putting shit in anyone's drink. Phone Post 3.0

Congrats OP!!! You are a full blown retarded piece of shit. Phone Post 3.0

I'll test your chin, troll. Phone Post 3.0

Sad Phone Post 3.0

You are a dick OP. Im surprised U have friends at all. But I assume they are just as big POS as u are.

Lmao at nonchalant drink spiking Phone Post 3.0

Man oh man Phone Post 3.0

You sound like an idiot and should stop taking pills.if someone dropped a pill in my girls drink id smash your teeth into your head and your lucky no one did. Phone Post 3.0