Has anyone heard from him lately.I've tried to get ahold of him but got no response.

I'd be tough to get ahold of too if I lived in paradise...

Thats true but he normally emails me back.He owes me a couple posters,program and some money.

RGG: He's as solid as they come, I'm sure you'll have your stuff soon. If I should hear from him before you do I'll definitely mention it...

Oh I know I can trust him,hell he sent me a Pride 1 poster before I paid for it.I was just curious if he had sent the stuff out yet.Thanks Cam

shit mike sorry man. no excuses just been partying way to much. posters , program and check are on there way tomorrow. i'll email the conf. number.

Thats cool.Its good to finally hear from you.

"partying way to much"

sounds like this flakey guy i used to know.

anotherbadpost-So did you get a chance to send out the stuff yet?


Still nothing.

Has anyone heard from anotherbadpost lately?He hasnt emailed me in months.He never emailed me the confirmation number.I have emailed a few times in the last month but nothing.

Where's my stuff at?

Well it looks like anotherbadpost ripped me off.He wont respond to any emails I have sent the last two or three months.Whats going on?

Still never heard from him.He wont email me.

I just fucked his wife ricksongjj. i will ask her where he is after she swallows my load.


I decided to try emailing him one last time.

Hey TJ when are you going to give in and get a blue name? If youre working for the UFC now, life cant be too tough on you, come on, just do it! Get a blue name!  or even a Green one, you fight too right? Why be happy with the mudname? Is the UFC still going to let you fight or are you going to hacv to fight in the WEC now because you are an employee?... FP

That sucks TJ,hopefully he'll send another one or give you your money back.

Fightpimp-I still havent recieved your Fedor posters yet.I hope they come soon.I'll let you know.