Antagonistic Cop costs Santa Monica 70K

too difficult to pass up this one. 

here's the breakdown for those that don't want to read the article.

-black guy makes an illegal u-turn in santa monica

-cop pulls him over and he starts recording immediately.

-cop tells him he has to do a field sobriety test

-black guy says by law he doesn't

-cop says he does and arrests him

-black does overnight in SM jail

-black guy files suit

-3 years later he wins with the judge saying:

In this case, though, a judge did not believe the officer had that.

In court documents, U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson said it is his belief that the officer was "antagonistic" and that Devermont had "simply and calmly" asserted his right not to perform any field sobriety test.

"Where the hell did you learn that from?" the officer is heard saying in the recording.

Devermont responded "That’s the law, officer."

any of our resident DUI experts care to weigh in? was the arrest legit or not?