Anthony is going to the Lakers

Carmelo Anthony will sign with the Lakers

and Anthony Davis will be traded for Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram, some employee parking spaces at Staples, some Staples gift cards, and tacos.

This will happened before the deadline. I guarantee it.

Is this based on anything concrete? 

retitle your thread fag.

My guess is that nothing happens until July....I think its possible a team that nobody is expecting will swing for the fences and get AD on a 1 year rental like the Raptors are doing with Kawhi Leonard. 

NBA ...

who gives a fuck 

Poor New Orleans…been a rough sports month…

OldSchoolMike - Poor New Orleans...been a rough sports month...

LOVE it! Fuck your team…karma, baby!


Good thread title. Fooled me.

Carmelo Anthony = cancer to any team he's on

Anthony Davis =  top 2 or 3 players in NBA

I know this is a lie because there is no parking at Staples...

Carmelo will not help anyone.

As for the other Anthony, he needs to be traded and not sure he has the power to control where he goes