Anthony Johnson has the key to beat jones

The low leg kick... Mark my words Phone Post 3.0

No he doesnt

Calm down Phone Post 3.0

Rudi - No he doesnt

Calm down Phone Post 3.0
You likely know nothing about fighting the low kick AJ throws will kill jones Phone Post 3.0

the CREamcatcher - rich clementi
He just wrecked a better wrestler you idiot Phone Post 3.0



I believe in AJ. I think either he, Daniel Cormier, or Alexander (in their rematch) will beat Jon Jones.

Lol @ bringing fights at 170. Go back and watch Johnson's low leg kick... That is the sky to beating jones Phone Post 3.0

Roids? Phone Post 3.0

Tonight's rumble beats jones. Much stronger and the low leg kick Phone Post 3.0

The key to beating Jones is being tall enough to get past his fingers. Take the eye pokes away and Jones isn't champ IMO.

We need a strong Satanist fighter to defeat him.

Small eyes Phone Post 3.0

Unless he can wear goggles I don't think he can beat Jones.

What would be hilarious is if someone perfectly times a hard punch to hit Jones right in the back of his head during one of his spinning back elbows and knocked him out.

fuck do AJ vs jones

Johnson beats him... The low leg kick and the strength. Phone Post 3.0

LOL at anybody who uses leg kicks against jones. They will be on their back in no time Phone Post 3.0

Lol it's a low leg kick you retard Phone Post 3.0

I'm probably not going to mark that.