Anthony Njokuani v. Edson Barboza

Who you got?

This fight is has explosive violence written all over it. It's not lasting one round, someone's getting put down in ugly fasion.

Barboza ... easily

I would say Barboza. After seeing Njokuani against Shane Roller (was it?) I feel like Edson has it in the bag. Phone Post

Barboza. I'm extremely excited for this one. Phone Post

Great fight, sucks because I enjoy watching both fighters. Wish they would bring up Barboza slowly, kid is so young. I like Edson in this one but Njokuani is no slouch. They better have this fight on the main card.

Awesome fight, I'm actually getting excited just thinking about it.

I'm surprised at all of the people picking Barboza, though. All of Njokuani's losses have come from sub except for that elbow KO (which I think would go differently 9 times out of 10). In all of his other fights, he has completely outclassed his opponents in the striking department.

It's a tough fight to call, for sure.

Fucking sick fight. Hoping to be there live for this one

Great match up

Thank you Joe Silva. This was one of the fights that I think all of us wanted to see right now

What a great fight.much closer than what people think.i think Njokuani is going surprise people and win this.

Me likey. When is this?

Barboza by ko

Joe Rogan - Me likey. When is this?

It's rumoured for UFC 128.

Barboza. He's the real deal.

this should be a great fight. Edson is fired up for this fight and the fans ae going to love what he brings to this one.

Sick fight...UFC in NJ is shaping up nicely

Sick fight! Phone Post

Really hope this fight doesn't end up on the prelims.

armory -

Thanks armory. Have you got any more training footage of Junior? His hype wagon needs more materials, if we get enough it might get converted into a hype train.