Anthony Pettis on MTV Next Monday Sept 27

There\s a new show on MTV called World of Jenks.

Filmaker Andrew Jenks goes around and follows people who are not typically run of the mill individuals; rap star, young man with autism, homeless teen, etc.

Well next Monday (9/27) I believe at 10pm on MTV the episode will follow Anthony Showtime Pettis and his leadup to what looked to be the Danny Castillo fight this past march.

Definitely looks interesting and I just wanted to let you guys know.

 Guys tonight is the episode featuring Anthony Pettis

I figure now I would bring this thread up.

I sincerely hope some of you caught this when I posted it.

For those of you who dont know, Anthony's father was murdered when he was younger and he helps support his mother with the money he makes fighting.

He visits his father grave before every fight and in the episode he was brought to tears talking about his father.

Theres also some great footage of him and his family (younger brother Sergio is supposedly going to be a star) and some great behind the scenes stuff with Pat Barry and Duke Roufus.

I know its an MTV show but this episode was good.

Not sure where you can catch it but I think in light of last night, its a godo 20 minutes of who Pettis is.