Anthony Robles, So. Arizona State (1 leg)

Watched a highlight of this guy wrestling on Espn.

He has one leg and he is going to compete for 3rd place in the 2009 NCAA wrestling tourney finals.

Pretty amazing!

That's pretty badass. He looks bigger than the guys he is facing because he is missing the weight from one leg. Amazing.

That was crazy he benches 2.5 his weight and he is the pac-10 champ. Amazing.

He's incredible.

He is amazing to watch. While in the semi's...all the announcers could talk about was what an advantage he has....

An advantage????? One leg is an advantage???? Dude is a serious stud when that is how people talk.

He runs an 8 minute mile with crutches!

Watching him made me proud to be a human and sad to be a slug.

The guy is an inspiration. I was really pulling for him to win it all, but he had a hard fought loss to Donohoe the defending champ. He's only a sophmore though, I think he has a decent shot to get an NCAA title before he graduates.

 He had a great attitude as well.

he trained with us at the gym a couple of times, and is a inspiration to us all. kid is a stud.

His legacy- no one ever got a double-leg TD on him.

Just kidding, that's awesome!

TTT for Robles

I never usually root for the handicapped folks (I admit I'm an asshole), but he made it far from a freakshow. When I saw him own the #4 seed in his quarter-final match I was blown the fuck away.

Robles should be the biggest story in sports right now. He is competing on an even playing field, against the baddest wrestlers in the country, in one of the baddest (and most speed-dependent) weight classes out here.

This isn't div3, the deaf games, or the jucos here. This is NCAA division 1 wrestling. Fucking awesome.

^^^^ Couldnt be more correct. I to dont root for the handicap often but goddamn he is good.

Saw him this morning in the 3rd place match, dude is crazy played Safety in high school

2nd round 


He has came in and talked to/wrestled around with the little kids at the Lions DenAZ before great role model, He also has some pretty slick bjj hahaha

I seen him wrestle when he was in jr. high. He was good but then he went to mesa high and coach williams really helped him to wrestle a specific style and he started dominating. He led his team to back to back state champioships.

RUSRedDevil - He has came in and talked to/wrestled around with the little kids at the Lions DenAZ before great role model, He also has some pretty slick bjj hahaha

is it possible to keep your opponent in guard with only one leg?

Guess it doesnt matter since he is a good enough wrestler to never be on his back

actually, he can work alot of halfguard. The bjj coach worked with him on some different mission control styled positioning as well.

 ^^^^ Thats actually very true. D1 is a different animal and he is fucking legit!

Jweinberg -  This isn't div3, the deaf games, or the jucos here-

really fuckin stupid statement and some great bitterness there.

no its not, its a legit statement. D1 is the top of the food chain when it comes to wrestling outside of the olympics. he's competing on even footing (no pun intended) with some of the top athletes on the planet. it's not excluding the top talent. he's beating them. period.

for him to dominate his competition like he is speaks both to his skill, drive and determination, as well as his coach's ingenuity in coming up with a style for him that is pretty devastating to his opponents.

i saw his semi match the other night and he was awesome! i was cheering for the edinborough guy (donahough) but i was very impressed with him. it took me a couple min to figure out he was missing a leg. just thought he was sitting on them kind of like an upright guard game.