“Anthony_Shots” wanted for questioning in Delphi, IN bridge murders

First possible break announced in a while. This was the murder of the two girls in Delphi where the one girl got a photo and recording of the guy telling them “down the hill”. Whoever created the “Anthony_Shots” online persona across several platforms was using photos of a male model to solicit underage girls.

Maybe the “Top Men” can check the database for that screen name?




I’d bet a dollar that shit would be figured out in 10 minutes if someone put the weaponized autism that is 4chan on it.


The older sister that dropped one of the girls at the park said that the family has been aware of the possible connection to “Anthony_Shots” for several years. They aren’t sure why the cops are just now releasing the information.

Plus it turns out the man linked to the name was arrested in Indiana for kiddie porn. Been in custody since 2020. Seems like the cops think he was part of a local ring of pedos and are stirring up interest.

The internet sleuths nailed this one 4 years ago.


God, I hope they get this motherfucker


Is the the “Down the hill” guy?


Miami county Jail released his pic, looks too big for bridge guy IMHO.

Kegan Anthony Kline is his name IIRC.

Assuming you’re talking about weight wouldn’t be the first time someone gained weight to change their appearance after being spotted during a crime.

True. It’s been 5 years.

Should be interesting.

What’s this all about? Yes I could google but I trust the OG more


Someone was murdering bridges in indiana.


In. Hope they find him.

I live 45 minutes south of there and go to their Bacon fest every year. The first Bacon fest after the murders I was SHOCKED by how many dudes in that town were wearing that same kind of goofy hat. Bizarre.

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During the investigation into the delphi murders, police uncovered a fake online profile of “Anthony shots” as a POI. This account was used to talk with underage teen girls & solicit photos from them. Yesterday, ISP released the info asking anyone who has had contact with him to come forward.

A local news outlet obtained documents that lead to Keegan Kline as the user of the profile. He is already in custody for child solicitation, porn, etc from 2017.

They have known about this profile for a few years, not really sure why it’s coming out now.

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That is the sketch we are supposed to forget about.

Fuckery afoot IMHO.

2 girls, 13 and 14 years old, were walking on an old railroad bridge and went missing, bodies were found not too far away, on one of their phones there was a video of this guy behind them, sounds like he says “down the hill”

barely any leads ever developed and it is still unsolved. i dont think the public knows how they were killed or if anything else was done to them.

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