Anthony Smith Moving Up To Light Heavyweight

Moving up to 205# after much consideration w my team and UFC. Can’t wait to bring all of my fans and supporters the best performance yet! You deserve it. Just wait! #Lionheart #UFC #MovingUp

— Anthony Smith (@lionheartsmith) February 26, 2018

Smart Decision , It's A Thin Division

I like it. It's still so early in his career too. He's a fuckin beast. Looking forward to that. 

He has the frame to move up without being undersized.

JoseyWales -

Smart Decision , It's A Thin Division

Not a thin division!!!

It just seems that way!!!

The guys at the top are veterans like DC,Gusta,Manuwa,OSP and Glover.

Volkan and Misha are young. Shogun and The Count are still around, and Anderson and Cummins are solid fighters. Not to mention the potential of Jon Jones coming back and Rockhold coming up to 205.

Weak is WMMA.