Anthony Smith will beat Ryan Spann - but what happens next?

Anthony Smith will most likely beat Ryan Spann, but what happens next?

Smith has fought many Middleweights and Light Heavyweights, however he is now in a position where he will have to face top flight competition again with another win.

Is he ready? Has he made enough improvements to hang with the very best?

I like Lionheart alot, a huge fan. But I don’t see him beating anyone in the top 5 unfortunately, besides Santos. He was completely neutralized by Rakic even tho it was a boring fight, and mauled by Glover. Imagine what the likes of Jan and Jiri would do

Unless he lands that calf kick…

I wouldn’t be surprised if Spann knocks him out.

Anthony has proven to be a smart fighter who neutralizes his opponents best skills more often than not. I think Smith hurts Spann with knees and then gets a dominant position and gets the stoppage from strikes.

I really like Spann but he hadn’t faced anyone as experienced as Smith other than Rogerio, washed up Rogerio, or with the knees that Smith throws.

If Smith can avoid the big punches early I think he wins by stoppage…

Spann is trending up, smith down. Spann by KO

I must have misread your post, come again?

Quicker that I thought

He’s one of my favorite fighters but he leaves himself open to counters throwing the right hand. He’s all in on the swing. When he misses he stands straight up with a bit of a backward lean and no hands to stop a counter. Anyone above him will maul him at that point. Just my observation.