Anti-Asian hate crimes are a white thing

The reasoning?

  • A study done that used media headlines as a source

  • Surveillance cameras are more prevalent in urban areas, where the majority of these hate crimes occur in suburbs at the hands of white folk

  • Black people are, and always have been, the REAL victims.

  • Your eyes are lying to you.


A study conducted by The Institute Of Proving whites Are To Blame.


So this Kimmy chick is going to ignore the statistics that shows blacks commit a thousand times more crimes against asians than white people?

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Misconceptions lol.

Like video evidence…


Trying to combat this kind of misinformation is as useless as trying to convince a Leftist that you’re NOT racist.

They aren’t interested in factual information in any way.
Everything they say or do is a method of gaining power over you. If you try to engage them through LOGIC, then you’re playing right into their misdirection.


“Surveillance cameras only capture incidents in urban areas, where the majority of these hate crimes occur in suburbs at the hands of white folk”

FACTS! As Asian BIPOC I’m always more worried about walking around in the suburbs than I am in the ghetto. Give me four guys staring at me from a door stoop over some guy waving as he mows his lawn any day of the week.






  1. deceit used in order to achieve one’s goal.

“he had to use subterfuge and bluff on many occasions”


Duh, that’s it! Suburban areas don’t have any surveillance cameras or people with cell phone cameras! Everybody knows white supremacists are the real culprits.

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Those suburban guys are nuts. They wave at people walking by. THEY WAVE!!!


Not saying whites never attack Asians but I have never read about an incident where an Asian talked about being attacked by a white person or persons. Not have I see a video of a white person attacking an Asian. They have all been black offenders


Lol that journalist only writes up race based articles. It’s like a black comedian who only has racial jokes. GTFO!

White people have black magic that blocks cell phone cameras.

I’m quickly running out of sympathy for Asians. When so-called “experts” of Asian descent try and articulate this as a white people problem, instead of facing reality, then I stop caring.
It’s akin to trying to help an abused spouse who refuses to leave until they hit their own version of rock bottom.


Your sympathy for a community shouldn’t be linked to its race baiters, unless that community itself is propping them up which isn’t the case here.

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I’m sure it’s similar to the black community, where the majority wants the same amount of police or more but their voices are completely drowned out by radical leftists.


I haven’t heard much pushback to shut the idiots up. The overwhelming media narrative is that these attacks are rooted in white supremacy.

I’d welcome a concerted effort from the Asian community to forcefully say otherwise.


Asians has always been known to turn the other cheek. Work and and become successful for the future generations so you won’t hear from them. You’ll however hear from the indoctrinated ones that are pushing the left narrative because the media allows it.

Whites are the majority in the US. If the right can be silenced, it wouldn’t take much to shut down any Asian voices on the right side.

Most don’t buy into the media brainwashing enough to be concerned with it. They’re more focused on family, business and education. They speak out when they get fucked with (see Roof Koreans or grandma crying on the news after getting beaten and robbed). Otherwise, they’re more focused on success than whining about feelings. They leave that up to the younger white libs and westernized kids.

Same here. As a white person, if I looked up and saw groups of actual whites supremacists and ski heads attacking Asians, I’d call it out as it is — white racism on Asians … I can’t imagine getting on the mic after seeing this and blaming it on the black panthers. Mental gymnastics I tell ya

But yes I’m caring less and less about racism in general. The word carries no weight these days … besides, I never hear any possible remedies or practical solutions even from the anti-racist group!

Every other house has a ring camera in the suburbs now.