Anti-Asian hate crimes are a white thing

read the article

the Asian guilt author states that the majority of “anti asian hate crimes” are committed by White people

she follows this/explains this by explaining that “the vast majority of hate crimes” against Asians is “Verbal and shunning”

she says that the news does not cover “language barrier or immigration related struggles/racism”…presumably that “white people” are the biggest perps of “shunning” or “language barrier/immigration based racism”

yeah…too bad the media only focuses on elderly Asians being physically hunted and attacked by random people on the street and not including stories about “shunning” by white perps!

fuck this Asian guilt cunt

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I assumed that’s the direction she had taken without having to read it lol.

Want to know who else waved? Hitler.

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Everyone knows waving is a white power hand signal.

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We continue to give the race that creates the most problems a bunch of excuses for their criminal behavior. They won’t progress in society until they are held accountable and expected to live up to the same standards every other race in the country is.


Get It You Got That Right GIF

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I love Asians. All of them, but at this point, I pray blacks keep fucking them up. Enjoy your beatings and as long as your keep protesting white folks, may you continue to be victimized. That’s a beautiful karma to me.

I can’t believe the propaganda is getting this brazen. They are practically admitting it in the opening sentence. Where are the videos of white people smashing old asian men and women in the face?