Anti-Christian movies?

with all of the attention on the passion now the subject of anti-christian movies came up on one of the radio programs that i listen to...

a caller brought up The Last Temptation of Christ. now i can see where the devout would find a problem with this movie, but i dont believe it to be anti-christian, just the opposite actually....but that isnt my point

what if any, do you consider to be an anti-christian movie?


I would say any movie that offers an anti biblical world model, particularily where the morals are non defined or worse, good is evil and evil is good.

I don't see a lot of movies, but I would guess the "Oh God" and "Bruce Almighty" movies (while comedies) were anti Christian. There "gods" are total goofs. They remind me more of the ancient roman gods that were goofy humans.

I didn't see Last Temptation but I heard it strayed from the gospels substantially.

it did stray, but that was the point of the movie...