Anti Mask Dumbos

Ok ?.

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I think he had a little too much SOY LATE at the WHOLE FOODS next to his TOWNHOUSE…


Oh little sick boy cuck blaming momy for his health issues…but he rages against your rights because he does not fallow the real science! Let me guess, you want to be called Him/Her before your name…

And if there was some, is it enough to mandate a fucking vaccine over it?

Why raskal talk like RETARD? raskal, you from AMERICA or other COUNTRY. if foreign IDIOT make more sense you talk like MAJORTARD

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Just going to leave this here

okay, here’s the summary:

With remarkable consistency, the comprehensive facts detailed above prove that:

  • governments enacted mask mandates based on the false assumption that Covid-19 is mainly transmitted by large droplets that are bigger than the pore sizes of most masks and only remain airborne for a few seconds.

  • Covid-19 is mainly spread by microscopic aerosols that remain airborne for minutes or hours, easily penetrate common masks, and travel freely through gaps around their edges.

  • the CDC and WHO minimized the threat of aerosol transmission for more than a year while issuing guidelines that left people vulnerable to this mortal danger.

  • the CDC and WHO finally admitted that aerosols pose a major threat of transmission but tried to cover their tracks and failed to adequately update their guidelines—thus allowing countless preventable deaths to continue to this day.

  • UV disinfection systems are highly effective at killing airborne viruses and have been successfully used to control the spread of contagious respiratory diseases for more than 80 years.

  • the strongest and most relevant studies have found inconsistent benefits from N95 masks in healthcare settings and no statistically significant benefits from any type of mask in community settings.

  • the CDC is scraping the bottom of the scientific barrel by cherry picking and distorting low-quality and unrealistic studies to support the claim that masks control the spread of C-19.

  • masks of all types, and especially N95s, cause headaches, difficulty breathing, increased cardio-pulmonary stress during exercise, marked discomfort, and weakened social bonds.

  • the average CO2 concentrations inhaled by people wearing masks are far above what many governments permit for indoor settings, and this may impair certain high-level brain functions like initiative, strategic thinking, and complex decision-making.

  • Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are acting as a megaphone of the deadly falsehoods propagated by the CDC and WHO while silencing their critics.


The only way a mask is doing anything is if you’re wearing a N95 mask that is the proper size otherwise it’s a placebo.

And the idea kids in a daycare setting like my kid gain any benefit from a mask when they spend 6+ Hours in a room with the same 14 other little germ farms is laughably retarded. In her case they eat and nap in the same room without the masks but when they’re sitting at the same tables doing art or puzzle time it’s masks on? What fucking sense does this make? Yet the mask crowd want it to happen because she’s over 2. Even the WHO and most of Europe think that’s ridiculous.

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he’s fucking retarded… anyone who [pretends to be ESL on a message board is mentally ill.

I get trolling a little bit but this idiot has a full time job on here pretending to be an ESL Asian? get a hobby… go to the gym… read a book.

But to spend all the time he does on here pretending to be something amazes me… go get a job as an actor… write a screen play… something

SAD :frowning:

^so did you get the VAX or not?


My kids school was in person all last year. Masked, testing. No one in her class tested positive.

Bob Enyart died of covid yesterday. Prominent hater of gays and anti mask pastor and talk show host.

Well 4 more of my coworkers tested positive today. All are vaccinated. All have horrible symptoms.

The contention is that they don’t work for stopping COVID. Over 50% of the COVID virus goes right through even a properly fitted n-95. If there is even a 3.2% gap, degradation is 100%.

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I think if you didn’t take life so seriously you would think it’s amazing.

People didn’t get Andy Kaufman while he was alive either.

Genius is not often recognized in the geniuses life time.


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I dont protest at all. I just don’t acknowledge anyone who asks me to mask. Now I feel ridiculous for acknowledging your obvious troll.

What are u talking about I’m not trolling