antibacterial wipes after training if no shower...

Hey, folks. I think this is the best subforum for this question. I am going to be training on Sunday mornings for about 2-2.5 hours, thai boxing for an hour followed by a short no gi jiu jitsu class (also one hour). My question is, the place I train at currently doesn't have a shower facility and I have work for about 4 hours max after training. My question is would using antibacterial wipes all over myself sufficiently prevent skin disease (ring worm, staph, etc) or should I not get overzealous and cut out early to shower before work?

Thanks fellas :)

dude i am one ill germaphobe but there's no showers at the school and i want to train as much as my schedule allows me too lol

turducken -  ignoring the fact that you will almost certainly get some kind of skin disease, arent you considering the fact that you will look and SMELL like complete shit at work?

aren't you considering any significant insight or just blabering away?

You asked. Hes telling you to make showering a priority. Id say the same.

turducken -  uh, he is asking about going to work without showering after training for dont think questioning his smell and look is relevant?

no you asked me about going to WORK afters and yes that is irrelevant as you have no idea of what I do or if I am or am NOT around people...and I'm the one who is asking for MYSELF.