Antioxidants can prevent muscle gain

 I am currently in a bulking phase, trying to eat as much as I can, supp with creatine, lift heavy and pack on a few pounds before cutting down for summer.

I am also doing a biochemistry project working heavily from articles about experimental antioxidants. One passage stood out.

Here is the article if anyone is interested:

"...human cells rely heavily on beneficial concentrations

of oxidants, such as H2O2.[6] Their intentional removal,

for instance, by excessive use of antioxidants (e.g.,

vitamin C), may actually be detrimental to human health.[7]

This “antioxidant paradox” has been highlighted by studies...Other

studies have shown that supplementation with (antioxidant)

vitamin C or E also prevents some of the beneficial effects

of exercise, such as adaption to stress.
[9, 10] These adaptive,

and highly beneficial, processes are apparently induced by

mildly elevated levels of H2O2, and are prevented by antioxidants

that remove H2O2."

Muscle building, or hypertrophy, relies heavily of inducing stress in cells and in some cases programmed cell death (apoptosis), for which elevated levels of oxidants are required. It is also said that supplements like vitamin C work 1:1 with oxidants, so the more you take the greater resistance you have.

So for the past 2 weeks I have stopped taking my vitamin C (just for this bulking period) and I have noticed a slight increase in muscle gain, as well as an increase in my recovery time (read: longer recovery peroiod). It's a valid perspective, and something to consider if you are trying to build a bunch of muscle.

Mmmm . . . I had thought it was only cardiovascular adaptations which were negatively by antioxidants.

HarryLime - Mmmm . . . I had thought it was only cardiovascular adaptations which were negatively by antioxidants.

 Almost every single process in the body has some sort of redox chemistry going on... adding an antioxidant as a redox buffer can screw that up. It's really in oxidative stress conditions, like muscle hypertrophy, where antioxidants really come into play. Also, you know, diseases like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis etc which are all perpetuated by oxidative stress.

antioxidants bad??

LukeCranson - antioxidants bad??

They're good for your health but evidently may impair structural adaptations to your muscles. So if you want to put on muscle it my pay to eat less healthy for a while.