Antoni Hardonk.

I would like to congratulate my friend and roommate Antoni Hardonk on his well deserved win in his UFC debut tonight.

Antoni has a Record of over 35 wins in kickboxing and has fought some of the best in the world including Remy Bonjansky. He has trained under Johan Vos in the legendary VOS gym in Amsterdam Holland for over 12 years with some of the best Kickboxers of all time. Hoost, Vos, Bonjansky, Yvel, Venitian and Ivan Hippolite, to name a few.

Antoni currently trains with Rickson Gracie black belt Henry Akins, RG brown belt Shane Rice at the Rickson Gracie training center in West LA.

Henry Akins would have to be one of the best black belts I have ever had the privilege of training with and who has a deeper understanding of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than anyone else I have ever trained with and my list is long. You can ask anyone who has ever trained with Henry to attest to his skills.

Anyway the point of this thread is to congratulate Antoni and to tell all of you who don't know his to look out for him in the future. He is an amazing fighter who has the ability to Whoop anyone in the UFC heavyweight division standing.

Plus you will never meet a nicer more humble guy in the world. I have never met anyone who knows Antoni who would not like him.

So show him some support, keep the threads alive and watch out for him in the future. He will be a force, his ground game us underrated to say the least and getting better. Couple that with his already sick standup and that = Exciting heavyweight fights in the boring ass Heavyweight division for all of us.

Come on guy's ttt this thread.

Mabe when Antoni gets back I'll have him post on the UG and answer some Questions.

He knows every one in K-1 and has won multiple K-1 Holland tournaments. His stories are classic.


Antoni Hardonk

Name: Antoni Hardonk
Pro Record: 3-1-0
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 240
Affiliation: Vos Gym

Style: Muay Thai/Wrestling
Birth Country: Holland
Home Country: Holland
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* Record is calculated based upon the fights in our database. The format is Win/Lose/Draw. Fights resulting in No Contest (NC) are not included in this total.

Professional Fight Record

Result Opponent Method Time Round Event Date Comment Video Available Pictures

Win Peter Verschuren TKO (Doctor Stoppage) 3:05 1 Rings Holland: Heroes Live Forever 1/28/2001

Lose Claudinei Kozan Decision (Unanimous Decision) 0:00 K-1: MMA Championship Romanex 5/22/2004

Win Wes Sims Submission (Keylock) 4:24 1 Rumble On The Rock 6 11/20/2004

Win Ibragim Magomedov TKO 0:00 2 Bushido Europe 10/9/2005

I think that he should fight Kongo next. That would be exciting!

In other news, be sure to over-pronounce the "K" in his last name or he will try and hurt you.

His 35 wins are in kickboxing, And his losses came from before he started training in the US. He is 10 time better the ground than he used to be and is getting better by the day.

Magomedov is a great ground fighter and he KO'ed him with a leg kick also.

ttt...and my "Those Dutchies can kick!" thread pretty much sums up how impressed I was with Antoni. Congrats!

"I think that he should fight Kongo next. That would be exciting!"

I was thinking the exact same thing...and hopefully soon.

"In other news, be sure to over-pronounce the "K" in his last name or he
will try and hurt you."

And I was thinking the exact same thing. Seems like you must have
mentioned this to Buffer.

Does hie still live in Amsterdam or is he residing in LA for the time being?




I see I'm not the only one who wants to see Kongo- Hardonk.

Jab-Cross-Leg kick! My fav. combo!!!

Congrats and hope to see the big guy back in there soon!

Impressed with his combinations. Hope to see him fight again.

JumpKnee e-mail me at

His standup is great.

I wanted Sherman to win, but was amazed at Hardonk's attacks.

One of the best fights of the night. Surprised that the UFC kept that in their rear pocket showing the other prelim fights first. Lucky for us Hughes/GSP ended early.

Can't wait to see Hardonk again. Being a Muay Thai guy I love seeing them succeed.

Antoni won because of Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu!!!

Antoni resides in Amsterdamn but will be spending most of his time over the next few years living here in the US training with Henry and working on his ground game. While he pursues his UFC career.