Antonina Shevchenko pics!

She married her coach which is like 60yo iirc (and he’s Valentina’s coach too)

Dy3 everyone

Very nice all around!

Damn I just looked into this. Kinda fucked up - he’s been coaching them since they were kids too - This is from an article of Valentina photos from a baby to a Champion - Valentina is 8 years old in this pic, Antonina 11or 12

8 years old

Valentina Shevchenko is in the background, in the foreground, coach Pavel Fedotov and Antonina Shevchenko.

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In some countries like Russia it’s not unusual for women to marry much older men.


Even if he never did anything while she was underage, that’s still very weird. I could understand if he was few years older like 12 when she was 8, but that doesn’t seem normal but maybe it’s a cultural thing.

Yeah maybe it’s cultural but I could never bang someone I knew that little.

Unfortunately you see a lot of this in the Taekwondo circle, I know of a guy that is in his 4th or 5th marriage, all except the first marriage to his students, all much younger than him and he knew them from ages 12-13 people think he might have pedo tendencies.


She’s a skinny white chick lol so hot smh y’all weird.


He can keep Antonina I just want Valentina.

It’s not about her being especially hot. Its about her being a fighter, who is quite hot.
Anyone could post pictures of models, or movie stars, pop stars, and so on, who are way hotter, of course.

But she actually fights on UFC cards, so it is interesting. Same with Lipski and and the others.

Looks like you might have to go thru him either way…



I’m devasted over here! She’s really married to the coach?

She just not that cute to me then again not looking like a dude is a plus with these wmma fighters lol.

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lol, fair enough.

Well check out the Lipski thread, I think that is better!

Is there ANY chance this guy pulled off the old Sister Sandwich?

8 ball seinfeld GIF by Global Entertainment

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If this guy is really banging them both then I am honestly blown away and I want him to teach me his Rasputin ways.

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