Antonio Brown threatening to retire

All because he wants to wear his old helmet lol.


glad u gave him guaranteed money Raiders?

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What does that mean? Does he want to go back & play in Pittsburgh or.....?

cheech -

What does that mean? Does he want to go back & play in Pittsburgh or.....?

He's worn the same helmet for 9 years... but for safety reasons the NFL has updated their helmets. So due to protocol you must have the updated helmets. AB complained Rodgers and Brady weren't forced to do so. Someone within the Raiders organization sent him a text showing Rodgers practicing with the new helmet.

he showed up to practice the next day like nothing happened. But he went Mia again and now is complaining about the helmet. Along with the frost bite issue, being a distraction in meetings you can say the Raiders aren't too thrilled with him right now.

31 yo undersized WR were red flags. 


Everyday he makes Pittsburgh look brilliant. 


Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown has reportedly filed a grievance against the NFL for banning a helmet he wore throughout his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers since it's no longer certified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Friday league sources believe Brown, who will argue his case in front of an arbitrator, may be sitting out portions of training camp because of the helmet issue in addition to the extreme frostbite he reportedly suffered while using a cryotherapy chamber in France last month.

Schefter also reported Brown had a two-hour meeting with the league about his helmet. He later added Brown has even threatened to quit the NFL if his helmet isn't allowed:

this isBig Ben's fault too

Apparently he tried to paint his old helmet and pass it off as a new one, lmao. 

Sounds like he is already brain damaged

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I'm just now becoming a big fan of him. Comic relief! Lol

I would be on his side but exactly how fucking dumb do you have to be to give yourself frostbite.

Kinkle -

Sounds like he is already brain damaged



Looks like the Raders have a ton more leverage. 

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What a great time to be a Chiefs fan. This been Brown's M.O. his entire career and it has Raiders written all over it. We shouldn't act suprised.

Drama for hard knocks?




Charger fans


How AB feels in the new helmet

Posted by Bleacher Report on Friday, August 9, 2019



The real issue is they won't even attempt to certify a 10 year old hepmet, which is the one he uses. I don't know if it would pass or not, but it's kind of silly to suddenly disallow something a player has used for a decade. That said, I'd also think some helmet co. would jump at the opportunity to tailor a helmet to his specific preferences and have it tested for compliance ASAP.

Also, he's an idiot.