Antonio Brown to the Packers!!!


please let this not be true

jesus christ. Rodgers 55 tds confirmed

I like it. 

Mushroom Slap - jesus christ. Rodgers 55 tds confirmed

40 of those better go to Antonio OR ELSE!

oh shit

they need to go all in right now

GB will score again

Rogers has no time for a whiny look at me cunt.

He will be a cancer to the team


Fake news!!!!

Fake. That's not rapports real Twitter. Fake account yo.

Everyone knows he’s going to the Niners.

An undersized 31 year old diva WR. I can't see how this could possibly go wrong. 

Fake account. Also massive overpay for Brown. 

Ian Rapiport is “@Rapsheet”

Jesus fucking Christ. This nearly gave me a heart attack. Alexander has become my favorite player on the Packers. I was legit sad for a moment.

Fuuuuuuuuck you


I  nearly threw my phone 

Fuck. I traded him off my fantasy team end of last year.

There's no way the packers make this move.  I didn't even have to search to realize it was fake news.

Barry McCockiner, lol