Antonio Brown's Rolls Royce

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If the first day of training camp represents a back to school feeling among NFL players, then no one will brag about their new shoes or backpack around Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

That's because Brown will be driving a custom Rolls Royce Phantom to training camp complete with a Pittsburgh black and yellow paint job and Brown's signature etched into the side.

The car is absolutely perfect so long as you're not a Rolls Royce purist who cringes at a non-traditional paint job.

If nothing else, Brown can feel a little less underpaid driving what is arguably the most coveted ride in the NFL right now.

Horribly ugly Phone Post 3.0

Jesus Christ, he took sn amazing and went all potato

Looks good except for the "signature" on the side Phone Post 3.0

WTF, might as well throw some spinners on it. Phone Post 3.0

I'll admit, it would have far more appeal in the Viking's purple and gold, but this is still a sick car!

Minus well drive a limousine.

Will he drive this himself or use a full time driver? I always thought the rule was to get a Bentley to drive yourself and a Rolls to be driven in. That thing looks shitty to drive IMO, could be wrong... Phone Post 3.0

He should colour that bump in the middle of his head gold to match his car! Shave a fine line down the middle of it making two strips.

Matte black should never be on a luxury car. Period. Phone Post 3.0

A fool and his money.... Phone Post 3.0

Samurai Clown - Looks good except for the "signature" on the side Phone Post 3.0

It screams douche bag

He's a fine example of a particular type of rich. Phone Post 3.0

That thing is hideous.

Dude probably gonna be a broke ass in a few years like most NFL players

It's not his. Calm down.
His is stock. This is basically a loaner Phone Post 3.0

Did someone take a sharpie to the side of it?

Rolls Royces are huge huge cars. Massively proportioned, they're more a stage coach with an engine than a car. There was one in my apartment complex in Shanghai next to a Bently, a Maserati, and some other high end cars. It was too big to fit in the space. Looked like a car but 30% bigger everywhere. It was the size of a SUV.

Point is, it's not a driver's car. It's something you ride in. Everything about it is optimized for the passengers. Phone Post 3.0

It's the first day of camp. Most NFLers roll up to camp in ridiculous rides. I'm sure this is why AB did what he did.

James Harrison came to camp one year in a smart car.

Jhay - Horribly ugly Phone Post 3.0

At first glance looks like any other car driving thru the good. Phone Post 3.0