Antonio McDyess has given up hope

McDyess is in a bad place right now. I almost feel sorry for him. If this is how McDyess has reacted, no wonder Capn isn't around.

...Backup Antonio McDyess was devastated. Words caught in his throat as he acknowledged his last best chance for a championship might have evaporated.

"I feel like I'm at the end of my career and it just ain't gonna happen," said McDyess, 32, who has a contract option to return. "Tonight, I accepted that I'm never gonna win. I felt this team was the one to get us there. We had all the chances in the world and we blew it. It seems like it's over for me now."...

That really makes me sad, he's a good player and Capn has nothing to do with this imo. Especially seeing as he probably has no idea what's going on with "his" team right now.

I like McDyess and wish the Pistons had won a championship for him. But, his stupid move on Sideshow Bob was dumb and may have cost them the series.

That is kind of a bummer.

I feel for Antonio. That's tough. :(