Antonio McKee First Interview Since Being Released

LOL @ people justifying this cut. He talked shit to hype himself into the UFC (no different than UG god McCorkle) and talked to hype up the opening fight on the undercard. So now fighters shouldn't hype fights for fear of being cut?

The first round was close as fuck, that was about as close a fight you can get.

I thought McKee lost the fight, but if you don't count that take down as the decisive moment of round one, then I could see how someone could score it 10-10. He definitely lost the second and won the third.

It would have been cool to see him get a second chance.

 i have never heard of a 10-10; what the fuck is that?  

I could give two shits about what he says hyping a fight. I do care about his lack laster effort in the ring/cage. He is the most boring fighter I have ever seen in my life. I wonder how many strikes he landed the entire fight?

Here's some advice for McKee, Rn your mouth less and throw your hands more.