Antonio McKee vs. Gray Maynard

Am I a terrible person for wanting to see it?

IrishFighter110 - UFC needs lightweights that finish fights and dont go the distance all the time. It has gotten predictable and boring.

 Ive been saying this for awhile.  The division is stale stylistically.  They have some top level talent, but the majority fight exactly the same way, mostly for points.

I want to see Diego win in dominating fashion over Clay thereby earning the next Title Shot.

And I want Maynard and Edgar to rematch for next in line..

Will say all 3 - Diego, Maynard and Edgar are right there for the next Title Shot, whomever wins the most impressively in their next outing SHOULD get the Title Shot but do maintain that if Diego wins dominatingly over Clay he will GET the Title Shot based on marketability being the tie breaker between the 3.