antonio silva cleared to fight....

in the state? i heard he was having problem getting cleared for his giantism in the u.s.



jeez i hope he fights soon- his fights are a beautiful sight- What Mozart was to music, Silva is to MMA

He is cleard and will be fighting Wiezorack on the Nov 10th pro elite XC show, and thanks for the Mozart compliment...we wont forget that one!!!!!!!!!!!!

No , this is Alex Davis, I am his manager

Alex is this at super heavy or heavy?


What exactly was the problem, if you don't mind me asking.

Looking forward to seeing him in action again.

He's the only superheavyweight ive ever taken seriously due to the fact he is actually not happy with just having freakish power and size, and actually wants to learn the skills.

Thats pretty rare for guys with his stats and athletic ability.

Hey Guys....he can do 265, so he will fighting Heavy in the near future. About his condition, its kind of personal, and it wouldnt be right to discuss it on a public forum, but hes been in normal trainning for the last 4 months, he is A ok, and is still faster than he was, and hes hungry to show the world what he can do. Look forward to seeing him my friends!

If he can fight 265 then he should fight in the UFC immediately!

Antonio at 265 is fucking scary


Antonio is scary period! And I always look forward to seeing him fight again! Cannot wait to see him in the UFC!

He moves extremely well for his size and just look at him. That dude can move anybody around. I cant think of anyone with broader shoulders then Silva.

he is a specimen

alex, i can still kick your ass! quit hiding behind that gi!

while he is fighting he moves like a 185 pounds only being a lot bigger. I love his style

Jeff, you wouldnt put a gi on with me if your life depended on it!!!! Youd get bounced on your ugly head!!! And I am to old to start trying to learn to wrestle!!! Love ya!


Nice talking to you. See you soon.