ANTT: Supercan....???

When will we know if we are on the card yet? and how much will be paid for our travel expenses?

We SHOULD know something around June 9.

Don't count on any reimbursement for expenses from the promotion... However, you never know. Again, we should know around the 9th.

I think they should atleast pay us enough for Hotel and gas! Iam a poor man-- $150-200 would help!

Technically we asked to be on the ICE card in August, so they don't have to do us any favors... I know what you are saying, but just don't count on it.

I personally am seeking sponsors locally and through my business and have secured 3 already! Maybe that will work for some of you as well...?


It begins...

What? :)

Hey moose, so what is the story up until now? Like how many guys are getting to be on the card..

"Seriously, why in the hell would they do that?"

Because some one is going to be making money, and Iam going to be kicking or getting my ass kicked!

Nobody knows anything... vengence, Monte and the other guys with ICE will let us know who and when will have the chance to fight on their card in August.

Could be all of us... (More than 14 UG matches setup I believe).. Or could be none of us.

Right now we have no info and wont until after the next ICE show... (June 9)

I am going to train like I'm on the card... And if I'm not... I will be the obnoxious and drunk small man running into the cage during supercan and dreamer's fight.

Hey, Where is the event being held ... what state?

Cincinnati, Ohio at the Metropolis sometime in August.

Nice ... I might have to take a ride down from Chicago.

Does this ICE show have a URL?

They have a myspace, but I don't know it.  Nor do I know their website... Sorry.

Info will be updated at - The Official Site of The UG Grand Prix.