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May 12th, 2009 by Curtis Clontz

MMAOpinion has been called the unofficial home for Antwain Britt.  Make that official!  Welcome to our newest gift to you, The Juggernaut Chronicles!  From time to time our friend Antwain will stop in and post a blog for us and our readers.  In this edition, Britt talks about his incredible 8 second KO over Antonio Mendes.


So, eight seconds? 

Yes, six weeks of hard ass training, good eating, nerve checking, doubt, and frustrations all came to a head with an eight second dismantling of Antonio Mendes.  This sport is definitely unforgiving and you only get out of it what you put into it.  That being said, I would have never guessed that my hard training would be rewarded by an eight second gig!  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all.  I don’t mind running through a guy now and again and the fact that my career is not about fighting guys like Antonio but BEATING guys like Antonio.  This will help me get to that next level, and the quick win is definitely appreciated, I guess the universe did me a solid.

Looking at Antonio at the weigh ins was pretty nerve racking.  I usually get a good feel of the guy I’m fighting by how he acts during the weigh ins.  I can usually read their body movements, nervous habits, mannerisms, and other things.  He was pretty low key though.  Usually that means it is going to be a good fight because he can separate himself from the fight mentally at any given time.  So I was expecting a real show. The stair down was pretty intense and I could not help but to notice his height advantage, usually not a big deal for me, but the fact that this guy had good Muay Thai concerned me.  I would glance over every now and again after weigh ins and look at him, a lot of the time he was looking right back at me. I saw him eating some chicken wings and I found myself wondering ” Does Antonio Mendes have some black in him?” Jokin, but he was tearing some chicken up!

Over all, the show was great! Shine put on a great production and was a class act.  The cage was a good size and stepping into it felt good, I felt good.  Trying to focus on what was going on and listen to Buck for direction was a fight in itself.  Wow, main event.  The ticket seller, the show stopper!  Antonio looked intense.  I looked right into his eyes as he circled the cage.  It’s on.  As we touch gloves the three or four different game plans I had, quickly widdled down to one.  “When he moves forward make him pay.” He did and I crashed the center line with Jab/ cross combo forcing him to back pedal.  A couple power shots and five seconds later and fights over. The gratitude I felt from the fans was overwhelming I had to take a bow.

Antwain, as always thanks for your thoughts!

More to come about the Juggernaut very soon!  In the mean time, start the comments.  Antwain will be checking the site, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.  He is without a doubt one of the most approachable fighters in the game!

Picture compliments of Sherdog.  More can be found here!

Heard the finish over Antonio was vicious...can't wait to see this fight. Would like to see Antwain get a shot at the UFC. He never even left TUF on a loss.