Antwone Skinner On the right track

I had the great honor of watching Antwone fight Friday night in Canton,IL and I must say Antwone is on track to be the best 155lbs in the world. Antwone's level rises each and every time and I think he is just two fights away from putting it all together. I was at the fight and I must say that I thought I was in Birmingham, Alabama in 1955! I never heard the word nigger more times in my life than I did that night. I was ejected for coaching out of the corner which is normally ok. I stood behind the ropes I never saw more inbread MF's in my life. Comments like, "that nigger is going to lose in 1 minute and kill that nigger". After the fight people said to us, "Watch out leaving town!" and I was like give me a break. Canton get off the Crack!!!

ironbear...sorry you guys had to go through that. I heard more people wanting to stomp those idiot racists, but sadly, we do have a lot of inbreeds here.

BTW...who ejected you out of the corner? I was reffing and told people to sit down, but I didnt know anyone was ejected.

I was out of my corner and this was a big fight so I was intense. Phil and Antwone stole the show! They deserve better! Phil is a great sportsman. I hate that the people did not recognize that. They will probably never see this level of fighting again. This was a fight that conditioning wise, was second to none. I just wish that it was on Pay-Per View. To bad these two guys had to fight behind a bar for peanuts. And to the promoter if you have any dignity you would split the win money between Phil and Antwone. Phil showed class and gave Antwone the MVP trophy. Phil for Prez.

Whew...I wasnt the promoter....


No you did a great job! You let these two guys fight, and that's what it's all about!

I'm am really glad that I decided not to judge their fight. Yes, we do have a good amount of idiots in Canton, but we are not all that way.

Hell I thought that was the let them fight. And thats what they did. I shoulda ordered a coke and a butterfly porkchop.


otas...too bad you are one of those idiots. You might wanna show your community spirit and castrate yourself.
Just a suggestion :-)




How about a summary of the fight?

I received some comments also, but the women were pretty friendly.

Antwone, put on a hell of a fight! I'd actually like to come and do some training with you guys.