Anus Explosion Deathmatch?

I usually get these after I have Wendy's chilli or eat too much ice cream, but apparently, the FMW organization has a different take on the phrase-

"An Anus Explosion Deathmatch was an FMW special deathmatch where the loser or losing team were abused either by objects or fireworks."


What is meant by "abused"?

point on the doll where hayabusa touched you.

If I remember right the losing team had to have fireworks lit off in their ass

It should be where they have to eat Ecoli tainted meat and then wrestle
and first one to shit themselves loses kind of like a first blood match
only with watery dissentary.

WTF! Is the firecracker just lit on their asses, or lust laid on them?!

Only in Japan.

I thought it referred to Andre crapping on Bad News Brown in Mexico.

"Nope. When Hayabusa [during his unmasked H days] lost one. He had to pull his pants down and the lit firecracker was inserted up his butthole."

WTF?! Or am I being a mark for believing that post, lol.

LMAO! I actually didn't believe you JohnMc until I looked it up. They are crazy

My God tell me there werent little japanese kids in the audience while Hayabusa was getting anally penetrated

Hayabusa doesn't seem to be a particularly lucky fellow.

Nonetheless, I'd love to see the pre-match meeting that went on behind the scenes.

Creative control guy: "Okay, here's the plan for tonight's match: you're gonna hit the falcon arrow, but then miss the 450 splash, from there, he's gonna beat you with his finisher and we're going to shove fireworks up your ass.

Hayabusa: "...."

CCG: "Oh, they didn't tell you?

puts arm around Hayabusa

The landmines we were gonna use on the outside of the ring fell out of the transport truck (we don't know where they are) so we had to think quick and find things that go 'BOOM!'."

Hayabusa: silence

CCG: "Don't worry, bro, these things don't hurt that much. It'll just feel like a rubber band snapping."

Hayabusa: "eh, rubber bands...I can take that, I guess."

CCG: "Great! So it's set! Hayabusa will participate in the first ever ANUS EXPLOSION DEATH MATCH!"

Hayabusa: "'re going to explode them in my anus?!?!?"


pushes Hayabusa through curtain

LMFAO!!! I hope he got a bonus for that

ttt 4 sodomy with firecrackers

WTF?! Posts are missing

I noticed that, too.

This site is pretty whacky sometimes.

And I'm still hoping a vid gets posted....I can't find anything on YouTube.

ttt for the most perverse angle yet