Anxiety in CHILDREN?

I was watching that “American Tragedy” doc on Prime dissecting how school shooters are created, which turned out to be a big propaganda piece of child “mindfulness” training and how kids aren’t taught how to manage anxiety properly, which supposedly equals poor mental health.
The conceit is that we spend billions of physical health awareness for kids, but next to nothing on mental health awareness or management skills. More taxation = less school shootings I guess.

I’m extremely skeptical of SEL (social-emotion learning) curriculum because just like State physical health programs, we’re applying a mostly useless band-aid to a growing problem without even attempting to determine the root cause.
Why are we teaching 5 year olds breathing exercises and panic attack coping mechanisms before we even ask ourselves WHY THE FUCK our young children are overcome with anxiety?

Is it possible that children are NOT naturally anxious, but we’ve created these neuroses within them by telling them:

  1. The world is going to end within their lifetimes due to Climate Change
  2. They’re going to die unless they socially isolate themselves, wear a mask and regularly get injected with boosters.
  3. The leader of their country was an evil dictator who tried to overthrow their government.
  4. There’s no such thing as boys and girls. “Mother” and “father” are patriarchal impositions.
  5. If you sit in a chair all day reciting useless information, then you’ll get to go sit in front of an iPad until bedtime.
  6. If you’re unable to comply, then you’ll receive a behavioral drug cocktail.
  7. If you work really hard, you’ll get to continue this cycle into college, further education, then land a job which allows you to pay for “travel” which equals freedom - because kids like yourself are an inconvenience and marriage is an antiquated institution of misogyny.

FUCK these people and their soul-sucking brainwash factories.
They aren’t helping children improve their mental health - they are teaching children to COPE with the abuse they’re imposing upon them.


If you send your kids to a State school, may God have mercy on your soul.

Not only does the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION report that 10% of public school students are sexually abused within State schools (Boy Scouts and Catholic church are at 1%) but public schools are also the ONLY place in which most people are involved in a violent altercation.
These are mind-melting abuse farms.

If you have a son in public school, he is especially fucked. I’d suggest you pick up a copy of “The War Against Boys” and read up on how the entire school system is structured around female-learning styles.
Natural male behavior is beaten or medicated out of boys, which renders them depressed impotent zombies, so lost and confused that they’d be willing to shoot everyone around them and then themselves.



Kids are like dogs. Gotta run it out of them. If more than half of them are weaklings or fat its cause they have too much time on their hands. They shouldnt have time to care whose president and the end of the fucking world.


Kids aren’t born anxious. They’re not born racist. They’re not born with any hate. All these sorts of traits are passed down from parents


Anxiety is a completely natural emotion. Watch a squirrel, rabbit, deer or any other mammal in the wild. Anxious as fuck.

Most vaccinated kids in the world
Fuck your pharma controlled brains


It could be argued that your continuous Big Pharma rants are the exact kind of rhetoric that feeds kids with anxieties that they don’t need. Not personally of course, but a lot of people shout he same rhetoric at their kids, Big Pharma is what it is, you’ll never change it, same as the banks. So why get so irate? Why teach kids they need to be scared of Big Pharma, The Environment, Gender Benders, The Left, The Right

These things are all vague definitions of things that aren’t going to make our kids anxious if we don’t worry them with such thoughts. I’m guilty of it too, I rant about trannies daily!

OP has me thinking this morning though, because he is right. Fear can only be learned.

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If human kids have a lot of anxiety issues, first suspect should always be looking at the parents. Majority of the time they have a shitload of anxiety issues themselves or dump their load on the kid.

Bears dont have this problem.


season 7 episode 23 GIF
You mean cubs don’t have anxiety when this rolls up on them?


Anxiety as absolutely not a normal base emotional state.
Anxiety is your body telling you that something is wrong, or out of alignment.

Most people today lead purposeless, convictionless lives. They eat shit, don’t exercise, and attempt to chase inevitable symptoms of depression and physical deterioration with medication after medication.

These people SHOULD feel anxious.
Unfortunately they pass their mess onto their children, and no amount of mindfulness meditation is going to break the cycle of hopelessness.


Holy shit at you people having anxiety or any sort of stress. Oh no my paper is late! Oh no i cant live up to my parents expectations! Oh no im going to be late on my rent! Oh no my boss is going to be mad at me!

Meanwhile other species are making sure they dont get eaten alive today.


It’s all the fault of Big Pharma and the staggering amount of vaccines being injected into these children…

A friend of the family is a therapist for kids at a few schools here in the area. She says many of her current cases are due to stress and anxiety of taking off the masks, being around others, and other effects of the Covid clusterfuck on kids. This is coming from a Biden voter.

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The Covid hysteria is pretty insane. Obviously there is a risk but our media and govt has terrified the younger generation

Social media has only poured gasoline on the fire

Of course.

I’m so tired of the lip-service to “health awareness” when our school boards and representatives can’t even make an obvious decision based on statistics to NOT impose this trauma on children who ARE NOT in danger, resulting in immeasurable adverse mental AND physical health consequences.

Fuck these people and anyone who is going along with the program honestly.
If you’re sending your kids to social distance class with a mask on, you may as well hand your kids off to the raccoons in your backyard. Raccoons are at least willing to put themselves in potential danger in order to protect their young.


100% this.

It turns out spending a year training your 8 year old that being around other humans could kill your family will lead to them losing their minds when they suddenly go back to school.


It is ridiculous how often you hear a person has an anxiety disorder now. It is even to the point many claim they need a service animal. There is just so many soft bitches now. OMG something tough happened in my life so now I have 20 different disorders.

Any surprise that every study shows testosterone is crazy low in males now. They’re soft. The fact SO MANY can not deal with a tough situation without claiming they have anxiety disorder kinda proves it.

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Agree with a lot of OP’s points.

Would add that the lack of direction/purpose in life allows and fosters anxiety.

As well as the IG/Facebook world where kids are being taught that their self worth is dependent on how well they can present a false perfect reality on social media.


Anxiety that warrants medication iisnt normal but anxiety is.

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