Any 1X/Week Blue Belts?

I'm a white belt, about half way to blue, I would guess. My current schedule allows me to go to class consistently one time per week, occasionally twice per week. I work out on the side 2 - 3 times per week.

I'm curious if anyone has gotten their blue belt training mostly once per week. If so, how long did it take? What things did you do the rest of the week to supplement your one training?

Thanks for any info!

Consistency is the key! You are making progress and I do think you will get there.

- Kyle

grapple when ever you get the chance, whether its with friends, class mates, uncle, father it dont matter. Practice is key.

I have also found ALOT of help with tapes. I personaly love Bolos stuff at , very good to learn proper technique and keep sharp.

Good luck buddy you'll get there

I was a once a week student for awhile. It took me a little under a year to reach blue at that rate. Thankfully I train more often now.

I did make it a point to train outside of class whenever I could, it really helps a lot.

Just be consistant and you'll get there. Best of luck.

sounds like you are looking in the 1 1/2 - 2 year range. That would be my guess.

I got my blue under a Machado affiliate doing one class a week, about two hours of rolling with friends as well, and a lot of solo drilling. Would have done more classes, but the school also did standup so there were not more available.

Took me a bit over three years.

it will take you about 3 yrs. i got mine in 1.5 going 3 times a week. i also competed alot and won so i don't know how that weighed in back then.

We have 2 new Blue Belt at our school. They trained between 3-4 times a week, for 2.5-3 hours a session. They also compated between 6-9 times last year.

That being said, it took them just about 1 year to get their Blue (they started about the same time). Not bad considering the time they put in and their natural ability.


I'm a once-a-weeker and have been doing so for a year and a half. So far I've got 4 stripes and should be getting blue before too long. Just keep at it, and if possible, train on your own.

i dont think anyone would get their blue belt at my school, going once per week. everyone else would be getting better than you.

HELLO! someone call my name? Yes Im a once a week blue belt (promoted by Rorion Gracie). It took me 3 years, and it came as a surprise after a summer camp in Torrance. NOT everyone has the time or energy to get in to train 3X a week when you have a family to feed, mortgage to pay...Job with LOTS of MANDATED OVERTIME (thats when you cant go home cause relief calls in sick or an emergency comes up)). Im an old man too (44) so it is a little bit harder for me to recover. Im happy now training with some good guys who understand my obligations. The belt just keeps my kimono top closed, and Oh Yes it also acts as a "bullseye' for white belts who want to be seen tapping the old man. Most times I do comply other times I MIGHT SURPRISE YA!!
Train safe, BUT TRAIN!!!

Belts differ from school to school.I do fitness and class 3-4 times a weak , more when I can.At this rate I will get my blue in about 2.5 years.And I compete and do well. Our school is mma as well as bjj, so much to learn!

Do you think a guy can do well at the Pan Ams with only training one or two days a week?

good luck lizard king

I know this isn't really the same but I trained judo for most of the time once a week and entered two comps (2 wins 4 losses) and got my green belt in about 19 months. As long as you stay consistent then it is a realistic goal. like the guys said above, roll as much as you can and get good practice. that once a week session is to tune your technique.

Thanks guys!

don't worry about your belt color.. just keep training,. you'll get there when you get there..

I actually only get to train once every OTHER week due to my job. However, I train for six hours when I do. I got my blue in just under a year. However, keep in mind that I had wrestled for over a decade before I started bjj. It can be done.

Took about a year @ 1 x per week. I travelled 250 miles round trip to train.