Any 45 year old fighters out there

How many active 45 year old or near fighters are there out there?? How bout a roll call for 40 and up?? Active MMA fighters only please.

Sorry to admit that I am getting uncomfortably close to your 40 year old benchmark but someone from our generation has to teach these youngsters to respect their elders.

I can't be the only f-er to be able to compete. I am tired of fighting young guns and was wondering if there are any other older fighters out there wanting to step into the cage or ring still.

Skip Hall is about 61 or so.

what weight?

Severn's in his 50's.

I'm 39 and fight at 170.

I am 45 yrs and 205lbs. dfw area texas.


check out current issue of RealFighter mag - toward the back is "Respect your Elders" with Skip (turns 63 in two weeks) along with Dan Severn - who is 10 years younger.  we hear from lots of over 40 fighters.  lm

I had two fights last year and am 47, 205.

I'm 43. Fight at 185 lbs. Next fight Sept 29th Total Combat.

Kirik.. your 47? jesus christ. I would of thought mid late 30's. I said it before... you, fedor, and randy are of the same genome project.

krundle, will you be at the Texas No Gi Championship again this year???

I would love to see Kirik vs K.Rundle. Someone must make this happen.

Skip Hall set the standards for a true MMA IRON man long ago 62 and still getting in the cage

maybe Kirik is the love child of Dick Clark?

A guy out of the TKO organization in Montreal named Stephane Dube is around 42 or 43, he is real good, 6-1.

I will be 45 in 5 months. I fought a a year and a half ago or close to it. I intend to fight aaon when I get out of school. Im hoping to get to start training again in a few weeks. Maybe I'll get to fight sooner than I think. Im not very god, I cant graple, but I do enjoy beating people up.




  1. Sub Grappling only, though -- sorry, not an active MMA fighter. But I gots tons of respect for my fellow "ole dudes" that train and fight.