any advice on hamstring work

I try to stay with bodyweight lift, as my back gets bad when i use any real weight.

I want to be bale to switch it up though too.
I currently encorporate glute ham raises in my routine and am looking for other excercises that are bodyweight based that target the hamstrings any suggestions would be great.
Also does anyone think that reverse hypers hit the hamstrings pretty well, i am unsure if the hamstrings are involved in this motion thanks

That's a Glute Ham Raise, as well. It's done on a specific machine. You can try reverse hyperextensions (another WSB move) on a swiss ball, as well. If you have the ball, you can also do leg curls and bridges with your foot/feet on the ball.

I just got this article last week fron NSCA.


hills or flat


I actually misread the first post. I thought he said that's what he was doing. A I re-read and realised he said reverse hypers. Sorry for the misunderstanding.



Take a thick sportband and grab it in the middle so that there's a loop at either end. Place a foot in each loop and keep your feet on the ground. Stabalize your back while continuing to grasp the band in the middle.

You're now in position for a sportband deadlift. Considering the resistance you're using, it will fry the hamstrings while keeping the back relatively load-free. They can be done fast or slow, adding an occasional pause here or there. Switch things up a'll see what I mean.

Its not truly bodyweight, but it will save the back and focus all the attention on the hamstrings. Throw in a set or two of bootstrappers for good measure. They're also easy on the low back.

Here's a bootstrapper link if you're not familiar. (Sorry for the lack of HTML.)

Good luck.