Any Advice?

 Im training at a gym for bjj ad another for kickboxing. The problem I have is they both run at the same time. I am better at bjj but i love the stand up but im not getting any better dude to the lack of time in both? Should I just cut my losses and work with one? Any advice would help...

 if you're just beginning, you'll find it easier to focus on one at a time. Could you go to both 2x/week  ex. BJJ M/W Kickboxing T/Th ?

 Yeah I can do BJJ M,T TH F  and Kickboxing  W TH F. I am living in Italy so its difficult to find good places to train. I am competing in BJJ already but I don't think I'll have a stand -up fight for another year. I'm not making the MMA jump until I am at least a purple belt in BJJ.