Any Benny Hill fans on the OG?

I remember as I very young kid watching his 30 minute programs late at night. Fans?

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Slapping an old man on the head will always be funny

Dude was the original Al Bundy…

Fan since the 70s

Loved him. Use to watch as a kid. Came on right before Bizarre and then SCTV.



Loved that show

Any red blooded male growing up loved watching this when they were young. My true introduction to boobs and how fun they looked (and turned out to be! :slight_smile:

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Same here. Pair of tits out the house window on regular TV was insane to me at the time.


Hell yeah, his A-Team skits were fucking gold!

He not only beat old men, was attacking females and was blackface in comedy sketches? Damn him to hell. Thanks rocks

He was a man of many, many talents, some would say a true “renaissance man.” May he rest in peace…

Dude was awesome.