I have two bets going on right now...each for 20.

Im willing to do a few more. Who wants in? Heres the conditions...

20 dollar bet on the entire card.

I pick all my winners, and you pick all of yours. We also have to pick the finish of each fight... The finish choices are:

  1. KO

  2. TKO (ref stoppage)

  3. Submission

  4. Decision.

The finishes only count as advantage points, in case we both have equal amount of correct winners. For instance if there are 10 fights, and we both end up with 5 right each, we go to the finishes that we called, and the most amount of correct finishes wins the bet.... But if you get 6 right, and I have 4 right, the finishes mean nothing, and you have won the bet.

Whos in? And welchers dont apply.

Im down

I'm in!

Can you list the card? I dont remember who is

Winston, do u have a paypal account? I have one, and I will accept the money through paypal (if I win).

Are you down?

is this u betting all comers or winner take all ?But make sure we aint got no welchers up in here

Andre are u down with paypal?

yeah, I think so. Ive used it before, but it is been awhile. Either way, Im good for $20.

No... Winston, my bet with u is seperate than everyone else... We're not doing a huge pot. I guess we could, if you want. Id have to ask SDCARTEL, and Floppy, then me, you and Andre.... So it be 5 of us.

What do u guys think?

i like the whole pot and Ill bet ya 20 on the side whatever yaals decide.I aint got paypal but suppose I could make an account But yaal know Im good for it.Besides Im gunna win anyways 8-)

Would u guys rather have it as a huge pot between 5 of us, or individual bets?

i like the huge pot but whatever yaals decide is good

Andre, u down for the pot? Ill hit up Floppy, and SDcartel to find out.

Winston ill get a sidebet with u as well for 20 bro. Anyone who welches gets their reputation on here destroyed. Its only 20 fucking dollars, and we're all making 300,000 a year so its meaningless! dont fucking welch!!!

Winston u got to set up paypal...

Andre, and Winston, please check ur mma mails...and reply...


The pot is cool...either way.

I'll go check my MMA mail.

BTW, I wrote in the mma mail by accident Silva Vs Sak... I meant Silva Vs Hunt...

and my pick with Silva (KO) still stands.

Winston wolf u need to check ur email!!

U didnt pick a winner for the Henry Miller fight

oo ok bro u will have mail

I would be up for this and have paypal

sherdog, email me at for terms and conditions of the bet.