Any better alternative for Baroni?

I really don't know the guy who is fighting Baroni.
People say he is legit, whatever.

He is definatelly not very well known, nor did he beat anyone who is well known.

When Charuto got to UFC he just beat Castilio.

I'm sure there would be penty of deserving fighters ready to go against Baroni in UFC.

Just a short list

Dennis Kang
Rich Franklin
Jorge Rivera
Lee Murray
Ivan Salaverry
Ivan Salaverry
Steve Vigneault
Mark Weir
phillip miller (if he is still fighting)

The list goes on and on and on.

The last guy who came in with 4-0 record against nobodies didn't do so well against St. Pierre.

not that the guy they chose is bed, it's just that there are many,many much better guys.

Sell is the perfect replacement and this is a great grudge match

not many fighters have the balls to step into a fight like this. and not many guys have the skills to take down the baddest boy on the block. Drago can and will

Let's go Drago!!!!!!!

I believe Dana White once talked about how the UFC has had problems finding opponents willing to fight Baroni? Sell got the call and he's steppin' up to the plate. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! I hope this fight makes the PPV. DRAGO-DRAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing against Sell, but what did he do to be in UFC?

Did other, better known fighters, got the call too?

Baroni has lost three straight fights, got suspended for hitting Ref Larry Landless, and has a losing record in the UFC. I don't know if Phil deserves to be in the UFC? Lindland beat him twice, has a 7-3 record in the UFC, is an Olympic silver medalist and he can't get a fight in the UFC? Does that bother you?